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Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training is a specialty type of vision therapy that works to enhance and improve an athlete’s vision capabilities to take their game to the next level. There’s a lot more than just seeing clearly than people realized that’s involved in high performance sports. Having 20/20 vision is only the first step – ideally […]

Wink at a Glance | Updates

We thought it would be nice to share a video of our ideas made reality for everyone that is not able to visit us in person. Here’s a short clip of what we’ve been up to at Wink! Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! We look forward to seeing and serving all […]

Thank You! Introductions! Updates! | Updates

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us during our Friends and Family event as well as the Grand Opening! We are super excited to finally open our doors. For those of you who have experienced Wink, we encourage you to refer your friends and family to come visit us! Our Referral Program […]

Grand Opening, Updates, and More! | Updates

First off, we must apologize for the social media hiatus. We got caught up in construction and preparing the clinic for opening, so we didn’t have time to post as we regularly would have. Fear not! Regular posts shall resume shortly. BUT MORE EXCITING NEWS!! WE’RE HAVING OUR GRAND OPENING!!! Come join us at Wink […]

Construction Vlog Episode 3 | Updates

Good news guys! We’re nearing the end and finishing touches of the construction stage. Paint has been selected and applied, counter tops, and the flooring and cabinetry should be coming in soon! We’ve been super busy meeting with all the different frame vendors and selecting frames for everyone so stay tuned for some frame selecting […]

Construction Vlog Episode 2 | Updates

Guess what guys! WE HAVE DRY WALL! I’ve kind of lost track of what week we’re on (I believe it’s week 5 maybe?) but I wanted to let you guys know that we’re well on our way and on track (I hope) to opening. Unfortunately we haven’t been doing as many construction updates/vlogs as we […]