Monthly Archives: May 2016

Construction Vlog Episode 2 | Updates

Guess what guys! WE HAVE DRY WALL! I’ve kind of lost track of what week we’re on (I believe it’s week 5 maybe?) but I wanted to let you guys know that we’re well on our way and on track (I hope) to opening. Unfortunately we haven’t been doing as many construction updates/vlogs as we […]

How Blue Light Affects Children | Optometry Blog

So now that we’ve talked about what blue light is and how it affects us as adults, I wanted to talk specifically about how it negatively affects children. Little humans now a day are much more exposed to electronics than we (90’s and older children) were at the same age – computers were only just […]

Why is Blue Bad? | Optometry Blog

What is blue light and what is this new fascination with it? As an eye care provider, it concerns me because of all the negative effects it can have on the body and eyes when a person is being over-exposed to it. Blue light has been around since … well it’s always been around since […]

Why I Don’t Purchase Glasses Online | Optometry Blog

For many years now there has been the option for people to purchase their eye wear online. One of the many questions I get asked is why they should or should not buy their glasses online. Before I thought of opening Wink, I had actually worked for one of the big online sellers and learned […]

Change of Plans | Updates

Whoops! Sorry guys – there’s been a slight change of plans. Previously, we had said that Mondays would be Brand Spotlights. We are now going to move Brand Spotlights to Fridays and have Mondays be Construction Updates. Sorry for all the confusion! Wednesdays will still be Optometry blogs. Also, because I have to travel to […]