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Eye Twitching | Optometry Blog

One of the more common questions I receive is about eye twitching. It’s probably happened at least once to all of us. You’re trying to concentrate on something and then all of sudden your eye starts going off and it wasn’t something you were intentionally trying to do. It’ll probably go on for a couple […]

Eye Nutrition | Optometry Blog

What goes into the human body has a huge impact on how well the body performs and functions as a whole. We all know that a healthy diet will lead to longevity and that the more natural the sources of food are, the easier it is on our bodies to process them. Studies are finding […]

Pink Eye | Optometry Blog

Pink eye. The common tongue for what us optometrists call conjunctivitis. There are various types and they’re all treated differently. If you’ve ever gotten it, it can be rather bothersome and sometimes a bit gross (as pus can ooze from your eye – eek!). There’s viral, bacterial, and allergic conjunctivitis. Each of them cause different […]

SALT Optics | Brand Spotlight

SALT is one of our favourite brands here at Wink Optometry. Their attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and timeless designs make SALT one of our top five. Although they are a southern California based brand, the manufacturing is done in Japan to ensure top of the line quality. Each piece is infused with colours inspired […]