How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face.

Picking the Right Frame for Your Face

Every face shape deserves love. Let us give you some tips when it comes to picking frames for your face shape.

Why is it so hard to find the right glasses for my face?

First, you’re not alone. Many people have difficulty picking new glasses for their face shape. We find clients are their own toughest critic and often times people look great in many styles! Below you’ll find some simple principles to make the decision easier.

The first step to picking new glasses is determining what face shape you have. Do you have a square, round, heart, triangular, or an oval face.

Consider the face and the glasses as a sports team. They need to be complimentary in their positions, not play the same position. If you have a round face, don’t pick round glasses. The round glasses will only emphasis your round features.

Listen, most people change their glasses every 2 years, so you are allowed to be picky. How can you decide if you didn’t try all the frames you find appealing.

What Face Shape Do I Have?

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what face shape you have. See the illustration to help you decide.

Quick Tips for Different Face Shapes

Oval face shapes have it the easiest but it’s not without its’ challenges. Number one rule of picking the right frame is making sure that the width of the frame matches the width of the widest part of your face.

Make sure to pick frames that balance out your features. Add angles to soft features and put emphasis on the strongest points of your face. Some suggestions that might work well for oval faces are:

  • rectangular
  • square
  • semi-rimless
  • round.

Square face shapes have strong angular features. The goal of this type of face shape is to pair it with frames that will smooth out those pointy parts. Stay away from other angular frames and gravitate towards softer edges. Some suggestions that might work well for square faces are:

  • oval glasses
  • round shaped frames
  • semi-rimless frames.

Triangle face shapes are narrow at the forehead and gradually wider towards the chin. Balance is key when looking to find the best frames for this face shape. Choose frames that heavy on the top and lighter on the bottom. This will add an  emphasis on the brows which will balance the face quite nicely. Some suggestions that might work well for triangle faces are:

  • cat-eye frames
  • club master frames
  • D-frames.

Round face shapes have smooth features all around. The quick tip is concentrate on angles. Find frames that provide clean lines and strong angles to complement the full cheeks and round chin. Have no fear, a lot of nice frames have these features and some of these are:

  • D-frames
  • rectangular frames
  • geometric frames.

Heart face shapes are second easiest face shapes to dress next to the oval face. Be adventurous. These faces can find a home with many frames and I encourage you to try many styles. If you’re following your favorite K-pop star, they typically have heart shape faces and they often sport circle frames. You can also find a home with cat-eye style frames bringing attention to the eyes. Some frames that might work well with this face are:

  • round frames
  • oval frames
  • rimless or light frames.

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