Monthly Archives: October 2016

Halloween Contact Lenses | Optometry Blog

It’s that time of year again! Time to be creative and bring out your inner demons or fairies – depending on what you prefer. Creating the best look is often in the details and costume contact lenses are often a big part of bringing together the costume. They are great for completing your look and […]

Lenses, Lenses, and more Lenses | Optometry Blog

We all love picking out frames (well most of us) because it’s the most fun part of the whole process. Where things get confusing and where customers often get taken advantage of is the lens selection. Optics is a whole different technical language and one that the everyday person probably doesn’t understand. There are so […]

What’s My Prescription Mean? | Optometry Blog

For many of us, we go to see the optometrist to get a prescription for glasses. We do the “1 or 2” test and then we get some numbers printed out on a piece of paper we know to be our “glasses prescription”. But what do the numbers mean? Patients are often told you’re “far-sighted”, […]

One in the Same? | Optometry Blog

As professionals, all optometrists go through standard schooling to achieve their optometric doctorate. We would like to think that “all optometry clinics are the same” but unfortunately they are not. All optometrists offer “comprehensive eye exams” but what’s included in that? Are you getting the same service at every office you visit? What’s different and […]