What is Neurolens?

Neurolens represents a novel method for quantifying the alignment—or more precisely, the degree of misalignment—in a patient’s visual system. It boasts an impressive accuracy of up to 0.1 prism diopters, the highest precision achievable thus far. When assessing alignment visually, the human eye can typically discern movement of approximately 3 prism diopters.

How does Neurolens help?

Neurolens assesses a patient’s alignment both at distance and near vision, determining the prism strength through which the patient can comfortably view without significant disturbance, effectively neutralizing the measured misalignment.

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What is a contoured prism?

Contoured prism is how Neurolens aids patients. Unlike traditional prism, contoured prism does not require adaptation. It involves placing varying amounts of prism throughout the lens to align with a patient’s natural positioning, enabling their eyes to function more naturally. This adjustment moves the image of the viewed object to where the eyes naturally rest, reducing stress on the visual system that would otherwise oppose its natural position.

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How will this help my patients?

Neurolens reduces stress on the visual system by allowing the eyes to assume their natural positioning. When the eyes no longer need to resist their natural position, it becomes easier for them to gather information effectively. This adjustment prevents our eyes from over- or undershooting movements when collecting spatial information about the location of objects relative to us. With more precise data gathering, our brains can process information more efficiently, leading to reduced confusion.

Many concussion patients may not realize that their sensitivity to busy environments is connected to their visual function. While they may have clear vision, they often feel overwhelmed or confused in crowded settings due to visual distortions caused by inaccurate data collection by the eyes and difficulty processing this information in the brain.

How will this help someone who doesn’t have a concussion?

Neurolens can alleviate visual stress for everyone. Since we all experience some level of misalignment, wearing Neurolens during prolonged visual tasks, such as computer use, enables our eyes to operate in a more natural manner. This reduction in visual stress enhances the efficiency of our eyes and facilitates smoother performance of visual tasks.

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