First I must apologize for our hiatus last week – it proved more difficult to post what we wanted to post in a timely manner when I wasn’t in town to do so. Perhaps the weeks where I have to travel for work there will be less updates and posts – sorry!

On to our construction update! So week one and two have now been completed and what we have so far are: (drum roll) FRAMING! PLUMBING! AND POWER OH MY! There were some bumps along the way in like getting access to our neighbours below to access the plumbing and power, the city denying our pseudo-walls, and the missing sanitary connection, BUT FEAR NOT we have conquered these missions and are well on our way to having actual walls up soon!

For those of you who are wondering, our contractor is Medico Construction & Design Ltd. and have done an amazing job of working with us to make sure we’re happy with the outcome and coordinating everything in a timely manner. Initially, we wanted to save money by designing and working with the trades ourselves but decided the money saved wasn’t worth the headache and the possibility of missing something (since this is our first time). Very happy we decided to spend the extra money and work with Dal and his team at Medico. They have experience with medical, dental, and optometry build-outs so they know what needs to go where and how to make it possible.

Dimmy will be compiling short video updates for your viewing pleasure! See episode one below!



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