Guess what guys! WE HAVE DRY WALL! I’ve kind of lost track of what week we’re on (I believe it’s week 5 maybe?) but I wanted to let you guys know that we’re well on our way and on track (I hope) to opening. Unfortunately we haven’t been doing as many construction updates/vlogs as we originally planned because there really hasn’t been much going on. Week 3 was mostly just HVAC installation where we encountered a delay due to a leak in the original HVAC install from the builders and then week 4 was just t-bar, final electrical installs, and low-voltage.

One of our dog-park friends Paul Cheung from Concept 1 Networks Inc. has graciously volunteered to help us out with our low-voltage, security, and speaker system install and help save us some money. Thank you for coming in after hours to get the work done! Our very own Dimmy Chow also went back to his electrician roots to help him out with low-voltage installation the other night.

The next 2 weeks will be dry wall installation so not sure how many updates we’ll be posting but rest assured the next steps are very exciting – flooring and cabinetry! Below is our second vlog episode!


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