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Why Annual Eye Exams are Important | Optometry Blog

One of the questions I often get is “how often should I get my eyes checked?”. My answer is usually at least every 2 years. That means – at the minimum – not 2+ years. Ideally I always promote annual eye exams for children and seniors (since they’re partially covered by MSP every year whether they […]

Blepharitis&Meibomitis aka Dirty Eyelids | Optometry Blog

Blepharitis. *there won’t be many pictures for this blog as I didn’t want to gross anyone out – only one* One of the most common and under-diagnosed conditions I find seeing patients of all ages. Blepharitis is the “inflammation of the eyelid”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the eyelids themselves are inflamed – only worse […]

Contact Lens Update | Optometry Blog

Probably around 70% of the population that has a correction, wears contact lenses. Majority of contact lens wearers have also switched to daily disposables (which is AWESOME!). From a professional stand point, this is great as daily disposables are thinner, more breathable, and healthier for the eyes. From a personal stand point, I have switched […]

Premium vs. Basic Frames | Optometry Blog

There has long been the debate about why glasses are so expensive and if it’s worth spending the big bucks when you can get glasses for under $100 online – now a days anyways. So what is the difference between a $50 frame, a $200 frame, and $500+ frame? It comes down to who manufactures the frames, where the […]