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Lazy Eye – Amblyopia | Optometry Blog

Lazy eye is the layman’s term for amblyopia which by definition describes the decrease of vision seen in one eye (very uncommon for both eyes to be affected) secondary to ocular development problems that are not fixed at a young age. In other words, the brain never learns to see 20/20 because of a refractive, […]

What is Your Vision Worth? | Optometry Blog

I find that vision is one of the most taken for granted senses that we possess. If it’s good, it’s great, and we don’t bother to do the maintenance until it’s too late. Just like any car, there is a regular maintenance schedule and if you don’t follow it then your car is bound to […]

Summer 2017 Sunglasses Trends | Frame Fashion

One of the aspects I love about being an optometrist is that I don’t have to forgo the creative side of my personality. I very much enjoy the fashion aspect of the industry and love that ophthalmic frames have become more of a fashion accessory over the years. I remember picking out my glasses as […]

Ocular Migraines | Optometry Blog

Ocular migraines sound like they might be something painful, but in actuality – they’re not. Migraines can often be quite painful for people who experience them and are most likely the people that also experience ocular migraines as they are commonly a precursor to the actual migraine. However, they can also on their own without […]