Monthly Archives: April 2016

Common Contact Lens Mistakes | Optometry Blog

Although I have not encountered anything too horrific with regards to contact lens patients, this post was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend over dinner. He hadn’t seen his optometrist in years (I won’t say how many because it’s pretty bad) and the only reason he was going back was because […]

TOM FORD | Brand Spotlight

Personally, I have not had a lot of experience with the brand, but decided to take a look at the lines and see what it had to offer. I was very impressed with the various sun styles that were both very sophisticated and clean. Tom Ford has sunglasses for people looking to make a statement […]

Coming Soon | Updates

  We’ve got great news everyone! Permits are in and we are set to start construction Monday April 25, 2016! This has been a long process for us with a lot more bumps than anticipated but we’ll get through it – it’s supposed to build character right? The expected completion is approximately two months so stay […]