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By utilizing RightEye eye tracking technology, we are able to objectively see how the eyes are tracking and locating objects in space for us. The test presents a paragraph to the child to read at their own pace, and then asks a series of questions about the paragraph to see what information was retained. It takes about an extra 15 minutes on top of the rest of the eye exam.

We are able to play back a recording of how the eyes were moving to show children and parents exactly what was happening. Is the child able to track in a straight line? Do they skip words? Skip entire lines of text? Are the movements smooth and controlled or erratic?

How the eyes track is a fundamental skill we all need to read. Many children get misdiagnosed with learning disorders. When a child is unable to hold their attention in a classroom setting, it could be because they can’t see what they’re trying to learn or that what they’re trying to read isn’t making sense. When a child is skipping words/lines of text, the information their brain is receiving doesn’t make sense. However, the child isn’t able to explain that this is how they see and doesn’t know that this isn’t normal, so they simply avoid those tasks.

Get your child tested today, to ensure they are learning at their best.