Monthly Archives: June 2016

Construction Vlog Episode 3 | Updates

Good news guys! We’re nearing the end and finishing touches of the construction stage. Paint has been selected and applied, counter tops, and the flooring and cabinetry should be coming in soon! We’ve been super busy meeting with all the different frame vendors and selecting frames for everyone so stay tuned for some frame selecting […]

The UV ABC’s | Optometry Blog

Now that summer has mostly arrived, I think that it’s important that we talk about how to protect our eyes from ultraviolet (UV) damage. For many of us, summer time is when we spend the most time outside as children, adults, and seniors. It is important that at all ages we protect our eyes from […]

KUVER | Brand Spotlight

Our apologies for not having more brand spotlights for you guys. It turned out to be more difficult than first anticipated. I would like to introduce Kuver! It’s a unique brand that is designed right here our beautiful city Vancouver and all the frames are names of streets. It’s a relatively new brand and I […]

Computer Eye Strain | Optometry Blog

To continue our topic on blue light, we know that spending a lot of time exposed to it can have negative side effects not only on our ocular health, but also on our bodies as a whole. So we’ve come up with solutions to protect our eyes, because realistically our jobs require us to spend […]