Monthly Archives: February 2017

Premium vs. Basic Lenses | Optometry Blog

Ever since the whole buying glasses online box was opened, there has been a decline in product quality and in turn a loss of trust from the consumers in the ability of retailers to provide good quality products. Because really, how do you know you’re not getting ripped off? Why is there such a big […]

H-Fusion and MUZIK Eyewear | Brand Spotlight

H-Fusion is a Japanese brand dedicated to homage, high fashion, high sense, high quality, and handy work. Homage to the old-fashioned design, they are focusing on reproducing frame styles form the 1930’s through the 1980’s. High fashion – H-Fusion is dedicated to reproducing classic styles with a modern touch. High sense – the pursuit of quality – they are […]

Stephane Christian | Brand Spotlight

Stephane Christian is a Korean based brand that caters to the Asian demographic. They feature a mixture of bold and simplistic styles for both men and women in a vast array of different colour options. A mixture of both acetate (plastic) and metal (titanium) frames are available at mid-range price points ($200+ CAD per pair). […]