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What Toys to Buy for Vision Development

    Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re like me and tend to leave all the gift shopping to last minute, there are some things to consider before buying toys for those little ones on your list. Before buying the latest video game or digital toy, remember that when children play, they aren’t […]

Why Children Need Their Eyes Tested Yearly – Optometry Blog

It’s that time of year again – back to school! September is fast approaching and that means back to school for many of our little ones. Perhaps it’s the first time being in a class room or returning to something familiar, whichever the circumstance, children need to have their eyes checked by an optometrist every […]

Lazy Eye – Amblyopia | Optometry Blog

Lazy eye is the layman’s term for amblyopia which by definition describes the decrease of vision seen in one eye (very uncommon for both eyes to be affected) secondary to ocular development problems that are not fixed at a young age. In other words, the brain never learns to see 20/20 because of a refractive, […]

Eye Nutrition | Optometry Blog

What goes into the human body has a huge impact on how well the body performs and functions as a whole. We all know that a healthy diet will lead to longevity and that the more natural the sources of food are, the easier it is on our bodies to process them. Studies are finding […]

Why Annual Eye Exams are Important | Optometry Blog

One of the questions I often get is “how often should I get my eyes checked?”. My answer is usually at least every 2 years. That means – at the minimum – not 2+ years. Ideally I always promote annual eye exams for children and seniors (since they’re partially covered by MSP every year whether they […]

Eye Myth Buster | Optometry Blog

We hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and getting ready to ring in the new year! If you haven’t already, we encourage you to use up your benefits before they expire (if you don’t it’s like throwing away money!). For our optometry blog today, we’ll be busting common myths about eyes that we hear quite […]

Children’s Vision Month | Optometry Blog

September is children’s vision month! We would like to bring some awareness to why it is so important for children to have their eyes checked annually by an optometrist. It is not enough for children to simply have a screening at school because many problems that children can develop are not diagnosed based on if […]

The UV ABC’s | Optometry Blog

Now that summer has mostly arrived, I think that it’s important that we talk about how to protect our eyes from ultraviolet (UV) damage. For many of us, summer time is when we spend the most time outside as children, adults, and seniors. It is important that at all ages we protect our eyes from […]

How Blue Light Affects Children | Optometry Blog

So now that we’ve talked about what blue light is and how it affects us as adults, I wanted to talk specifically about how it negatively affects children. Little humans now a day are much more exposed to electronics than we (90’s and older children) were at the same age – computers were only just […]