One of the aspects I love about being an optometrist is that I don’t have to forgo the creative side of my personality. I very much enjoy the fashion aspect of the industry and love that ophthalmic frames have become more of a fashion accessory over the years. I remember picking out my glasses as a kid in Pearl Vision (early 1990’s), and the selection of colours was literally black, silver, or tortoise shell (shapes were also nil). AND there were no kid’s glasses so I was a tiny child wearing enormous frames. I was enamored with the tortoise shell (because that’s as colourful as they got) so that’s what I had. Fast forward to today, and there’s a full spectrum of colours available in all different shapes and sizes. I would have killed as a child to get Hello Kitty glasses.

On wards to the trends that are hot for summer 2017!


This trend has not gone away – if anything it’s become more popular over the years. It doesn’t matter what shape or colour – as long as it’s large! Keep in mind though, you want a frame that fits your face width-wise. You can go as larger with the lenses but make sure they fit better width-wise so they stay on your face.


The round trend has definitely become bigger this year. We noticed it started early 2016 and has only become more popular in 2017 – especially in the sunglasses sector. It’s hard for a lot of people to pull off the ophthalmic circle frames, but in sunglasses it definitely more do-able for people. Many of the retro shapes are popular as well – they tend to be more round to begin with. Many of the trends we mention will cross-over with each other as well (ie. over-sized round, round cat-eye, etc.)


This is one of the bigger trends for 2017. It isn’t just the aviators that get to have the double bridge now. Many designers are incorporating the double-bridge style into other styles and shapes and we are a big fan!


This trend has been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere. We continue to see designers incorporate this shape into their sunglasses collections year after year. It adds attitude and sophistication to any outfit and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the frame. Fun and flirty!


The flat-across-the-top trend has stuck around for sunglasses. Normally females tend to shy away from flat-top frames due to the masculinity of the style, but in sunglasses it’s totally okay! Men and women can rock this style.

Blue, Pink, Purple!

We’re starting to bring back the hippie coloured lenses! Light blues, pinks, and purples are starting to appear more and are so fun! These were especially popular during Coachella 2017. It’s true. Rose-coloured lenses really do make the world look like a happier place :3

Flat Lenses

Normally all frames have a bit of a curve to provide better optics and reduce internal reflections. This year we’re seeing a lot more designers choose glass or Barberini (specialty Italian glass lenses) lenses in their products. Glass and Barberini lenses provide superb optics and are able to be completely flat without causing issues with reflections. It’s hard to show how flat these lenses are in a photo – best to come in and see the models for yourselves. I’ve got a pair by Etnia Barcelona and I absolutely love them! Now if only the sun would come out for more than a day …

Mirror Lenses

Mirror lenses started to become more popular a couple of years ago and they’ve stuck around. This year even more so, we’re seeing a lot more designers (not just RayBan) incorporate this type of coating to their lenses. A polarized mirror lens will block the most light. Aesthetically though these definitely make a statement! Especially if you combine it into an over-sized frame and have a different coloured lens! Mirror lenses are difficult to capture in a photograph to show how reflective they are so there will be no pictures, but many of the above pictures actually have mirrored lenses.

3 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Sunglasses Trends | Frame Fashion

  1. Sandee Jones says:

    All of your descriptions were a big help. I like the cat eye sunglasses more than most because of the fancy look of it. Thank you for the pictures, i seen some styles I haven’t seen before to look for.

  2. mohsin manik says:

    Wow,there a massive collection of sun glass. Different classification also available here.Every item are look very cool.I just liked the over sized type very much.I thought,buy one type from here.Very useful and user friendly website.

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