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Contact Lens Update | Optometry Blog

Probably around 70% of the population that has a correction, wears contact lenses. Majority of contact lens wearers have also switched to daily disposables (which is AWESOME!). From a professional stand point, this is great as daily disposables are thinner, more breathable, and healthier for the eyes. From a personal stand point, I have switched […]

Halloween Contact Lenses | Optometry Blog

It’s that time of year again! Time to be creative and bring out your inner demons or fairies – depending on what you prefer. Creating the best look is often in the details and costume contact lenses are often a big part of bringing together the costume. They are great for completing your look and […]

Common Contact Lens Mistakes | Optometry Blog

Although I have not encountered anything too horrific with regards to contact lens patients, this post was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend over dinner. He hadn’t seen his optometrist in years (I won’t say how many because it’s pretty bad) and the only reason he was going back was because […]