H-Fusion is a Japanese brand dedicated to homage, high fashion, high sense, high quality, and handy work. Homage to the old-fashioned design, they are focusing on reproducing frame styles form the 1930’s through the 1980’s. High fashion – H-Fusion is dedicated to reproducing classic styles with a modern touch. High sense – the pursuit of quality – they are committed to ensuring each of their pieces is crafted to perfection with the best materials. All metal involved in their frames is Japanese titanium. Handy work – each of their frames is hand-crafted in Sabae city located in Japan. All of their frames are designed to fit the Asian profile, so if you’ve ever had trouble finding a frame for you because of the naturally flatter Asian nose bridge, this brand is designed with you in mind!

MUZIK eyewear, though only here for a limited time, is a Korean brand that is manufactured in France, Korea, and Japan (depending on the materials used in each individual frame style). MUZIK believes that through eyewear, we can share our ideas and stories through individual style, colours, artwork, and collaboration. Wink Optometry currently only carries a selection of their sunglasses for a short period of time. They have a mixture of bold and creative styles designed to fit the flatter nose bridge just as the H-Fusion are. Several Korean celebrities and pop-stars are seen wearing the brand as well.



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