Hurray for SPRING! Now that the sun is finally starting to peek out a little more, I wanted to remind everyone about the importance of UV protection and clear up some common myths surrounding the topic.

  1. Brightness does not correlate to intensity of UV index/exposure. It is important to actually check the UV index for the area you are in to know what the actual index is. The time of day also changes the amount of UV exposure.
  2. Cloud cover does not mean UV protection. Sometimes the type of cloud can actually enhance the UV index so don’t be fooled!
  3. Tinted lenses don’t mean UV protection. An actual UV coating has to be applied to lenses to be considered “UV protected”. Tinting simply changes the colour and light transmission through the lenses – not how much UV protection the lenses are providing. Be sure to look for UV 400 or UVA UVB rated sunglasses to make sure your eyes are properly protected.
  4. Water enhances UV penetration. Anytime you’re spending time in the water in the summer, be sure to have waterproof sunscreen on and have sunglasses with good coverage (the less gaps for light to seep in the better – more wrap).
  5. The age at which we are most susceptible to UV damage is when we’re kids – the lens is clearest when we’re young. That is also when we get the most UV exposure so it is crucial to make sure your kids are wearing sunglasses when they’re playing outside. If you have sunglasses on your children (of any age) should have them on as well.
  6. Contact lenses can provide UV protection as well. Check with your eye care professional to see if the brand you’re wearing has UV protection in it or not. At Wink, we love Acuvue since all their products have UVA/UVB protection in them 🙂

Enjoy the sun while it’s around! Before you know it winter will roll around again. Stay safe outside this summer!


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