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Glaucoma [glock-oma, glaow-coma, glue-coma] – Optometry Blog

Glaucoma – the proper pronunciation is glaw-koh-muh, but many will come up with their own way of saying it. No, it has nothing to do with guns, glowing, or glue. It actually isn’t completely understood at this time. What you do need to know about it is that it can cause severe permanent vision loss if left untreated. […]

Diabetic Eye Disease | Optometry Blog

As part of Diabetes Awareness Month, our first blog for November will be about diabetes and how it can affect our eyes. Currently, there are approximately 3.3 million people in Canada living with diabetes in which 90% are Type 2. It is expected that the prevalence of diabetes will double by 2025. Diabetes affects the […]