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We are a comprehensive optometry and optical clinic.

Welcome to Wink Optometry, where our vision goes beyond just finding the perfect frame – it’s about ensuring our clients understand and appreciate every aspect of their eyewear choices. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, because an informed purchase is a confident purchase.

At Wink Optometry, we recognize the common challenge many consumers face: making eyewear decisions without fully grasping what they’re investing in. Too often, individuals are swayed by complex terminology and persuasive sales tactics, resulting in purchases that lack genuine understanding. We’re here to change that narrative.

Our mission is to guide our clients through the eyewear selection process, making it an educational and enjoyable experience. Dr. Natasha Liaw, our dedicated optometrist, leads the way by providing comprehensive explanations of patients’ prescriptions. Beyond that, she takes the time to discuss preventative measures, ensuring the longevity of our clients’ vision. We want every set of eyes that passes through Wink to enjoy clear vision for years to come.

Wink Optometry is more than just a place to buy glasses; it’s a trusted local Burnaby optometry clinic committed to serving all ages. We aspire to create a community where eye health is prioritized, and where individuals of every age feel confident in their eyewear choices.

Our commitment to transparency and education sets us apart. We want our clients to leave not only with a stylish new look but also with a deep understanding of their eyewear and eye health. By fostering trust and providing quality eye exams and glasses, we aim to establish Wink Optometry as your go-to destination for all things eye care in Burnaby.

At Wink, it’s not just about frames – it’s about fostering a vision of clarity, knowledge, and lasting eye health. Join us on this journey, and let your eyes shine with confidence at Wink Optometry.


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“Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.”


Meet Natasha, the visionary behind Wink Optometry. From the age of 6, she intimately understands the world of glasses, having watched it evolve over the years. After earning her doctorate of optometry, Natasha navigated both small boutique opticals and industry giants. In each, she sensed something unique missing, a change she craved but never quite found. This gap inspired the creation of Wink Optometry – where personal experience meets professional expertise. Welcome to a new vision in eyecare.

– Dr. Natasha Liaw O.D.