Eye health comes first.

At Wink Optometry, we understand that eye exams for seniors are crucial to maintain their eye sight. Many of the eye diseases that affect seniors are not detectable without yearly eye exams. Age-Related Macular Degeneration and

Glaucoma are two of the major eye diseases that patients can develop with age and are not something you can see or feel happening until the late stages. Regular eye exams are required to monitor physiological changes within the eye that can only be done at an optometrist’s office to diagnose these diseases at the early changes to prevent vision loss.

Cataracts are another major issue that we as people develop with age. For the most part they are not sight-threatening unless they are detected at a very late stage and surgery is no longer an option due to safety issues. Cataracts do affect how a patient sees as they grow, so prescription changes are required until the time is right for surgical removal.

Dr. Natasha Liaw has been working in Penticton part-time for the past year and has gained valuable experience during her time there. She is patient and understands that eye exams with seniors require more time and attention to detail. All of your questions regarding your eye health and prescription will be answered to ensure you are able to make the best decisions for your eyes.


  • Advanced testing to detect disease earlier.
  • Affordable light-weight frames.
  • Progressives or bifocals available.
  • Extra time to meet your needs