Make sure you're seeing your best.

This is where the whole process starts at Wink Optometry. With a comprehensive eye examination, we are able to better determine your visual needs and recommend the right products to suit your needs. During this time, a number of things will be tested conducted by our optometrist (Dr. Natasha Liaw) including the following:


  • Visual acuity (how well you can see)
  • Eye alignment (where your eyes are naturally positioned)
  • Pupil response (checks the neural connection from your eyes to your brain)
  • Ocular motility (how well your eye muscles are functioning)
  • Refraction (what your prescription is)
  • Binocular function (how well your eyes work together)
  • Slit lamp examination (checks the health of your eyes)
  • Dilated fundus examination (checks the health of the back of your eyes – the retina)
    • Fundus photos (picture of the back of your eye help to supplement and track changes)
    • OCT (optical coherence tomography) used to scan the back of the eye and allow us to look at the individual layers not normally visible to the naked eye to detect eye disease at an earlier stage
    • FAF (fundus auto-fluorescence) utilizes a different type of light to analyze cells that are not functioning at full capacity – also used to help detect eye disease at an earlier stage
  • Intraocular pressure (pressure inside your eyes – if you don’t like the puff we can use other methods)

With all the data gathered during the exam we will be able to help you find the best products for your eyes. The eyes are like a window into your body – it’s the only place a doctor can directly view the blood vessels without being invasive. Retinal health is a good indicator of how the rest of your body is doing.

Wink Optometry is proud to be your local Burnaby optometry clinic to provide you and your family the best in vision care and eye wear.

*we can direct bill for the following insurance companies: Chambers of Commerce, Cowan, Desjardins Insurance, Great-West Life, iA Financial Group, Johnson, Johnston Group, Manulife, Maximum Benefit, Sun Life Financial, and Pacific Blue Cross. Simply bring in your card with your policy and member number on it and we will be able to check your coverage an bill directly.


  • We can DIRECT BILL.
  • Digital retinal imaging.
  • Most advanced ocular testing.