Ensure your child is learning to their best capacity.

Children’s eye exams are extremely important for proper visual development. In addition to the testing that is regularly done for adults, our optometrist will go more in depth for children to ensure that the visual system is developing properly. How well the eyes work together and how well the eye muscles are functioning are crucial for kids to see and learn properly. A lot of the time kids are diagnosed with learning disabilities without getting their eyes checked when all they really require are glasses to help their eyes focus properly.

Children often are not sure if what they’re seeing is how they should be seeing so it is important to bring your child in on a yearly basis to ensure that they are seeing to the best of their ability. A child’s first eye exam should be at the age of 1 – if no problems are diagnosed, the next eye exam should be in 2 year intervals until they turn 5 and then every year on ward (age 1, 3, 5, and every year onward). If there are issues, the child should be monitored more closely (every year or 6 months depending on the condition).

Bring your child in to see us, your local Burnaby optometrist, to ensure your child’s vision is not hindering their success!


  • Large selection of children’s frames.
  • Children’s sunglasses too!
  • Don’t let vision hinder your child’s learning.