Work Place Safety - make it a priority.

As part of the OVP program, we offer a range of safety frames from ArmourX,¬†OnGuard, and A-2. To get a pair of safety glasses made, simply have your supervisor sign off on the OVP form and bring it in. We’ll help you select the right frames and lenses needed for your line of work and send it off to the lab for processing. If your company is not participating in the OVP program, we can still offer you safety glasses, but you’ll have to pay for the costs of the frames and lenses out of pocket. To inquire about including your company in the OVP program, please have your HR personnel contact them directly here.

Companies that participate in the OVP program will often cover the cost or a portion of the cost of the eye exam as well. Book an eye exam with us today!

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  • Progressives and single vision safety glasses available!
  • Tints and polarized lenses
  • Full seals and side shields too!





Armourx is one of the first in the safety eyewear industry. They combine fashion and unique designs for safety eyewear in the workplace.¬†Developed by one of Canada’s leading eyewear companies, Armourx provides individuals with fashion-forward and high quality safety glasses. Their collections include: Wrap-Rx, Metro, Classic, Basic, Titanium, and Real Tree.


OnGuard is one of the leading providers for safety eyewear for industrial and sports applications. They have the largest and most comprehensive collection of frames to pick from including: basic, value, deluxe, premium, elite, titanium, flex titanium, specialty, wrap & non-conductive, and plano.