At Wink, we believe that the patient should have the freedom of choice and understand that not everyone can comfortably see out of one lens design. Zeiss provides patients with a wide selection of single vision, vocational, and progressive lenses. They also have specialized lenses that are task specific – ie. their DriveSafe line of lenses tailored to maximize your vision while driving under different lighting and weather conditions.


  • Progressive Individual 2
  • Progressive Precision Superb
  • Progressive Precision Plus
  • DriveSafe Individual

Vocational Lenses:

  • Digital Lens
  • OfficeLens (Book, Desk, and Room)

Single Vision Products:

  • Individual SV
  • 3D SV
  • DriveSafe Individual SV
  • Glass lenses (index up to 1.90)

Other Zeiss products are available upon request but we chose to focus on these products. Contact us for product details.