Hoya provides a wide range of selection for people as well – including their own transition coating called SunTech. As one of the major lens manufacturers, they have a great selection of progressives, vocational, and single vision lenses as well. All lens manufacturers have their own version of each high-end progressive and task specific lenses, it’s a matter of figuring which lens design works best for you. At Wink we understand this might take a few tries so we offer a 90 period for our patients to try their progressives and vocational lenses to ensure the lens we select is right for them.


  • HoyaLux iD MyStyle
  • iD Lifestyle 2 (Clarity and Harmony)
  • iQ Amplitude
  • Presio Power FP
  • Balance FP

Lifestyle Products:

  • iD (Space, Screen, and Zoom)
  • Tact 40 & 60
  • Active 8 & 5

Single Vision Products:

  • iD Single Vision
  • iQ Single Vision

Other Hoya products are available upon request but we chose to focus on these products. Contact us for product details.