Contact lenses are a great modality of vision correction given the right circumstances. For those experienced contact lens users, we offer an upgrade to the latest and greatest in contact lens technology. On the other hand, for those curious or interested in trying, we will fit you with the lenses to best suit your needs and teach you everything you need to know along the way. Perhaps you’re looking for contacts that enhance your natural beauty but don’t have a prescription. We will work with you to find a healthy cosmetic lens alternative. At Wink Optometry we carry all major manufacturers (Acuvue, Bausch&Lomb, CooperVision, and Alcon) so we are sure to find a lens for you. We only recommend wearing lenses from these brands (and not other brands) because we trust their manufacturing standards. These companies are held to a high standard. With other brands, there have been studies done on their products and the outcome was not comforting.

If you were told years ago that “your astigmatism” was hindering your freedom of glasses, we encourage you to come and try again. Technology has advanced quite a bit and most people that have an astigmatism are able to wear contacts now. Perhaps you’re a long time contact lens wearer and are starting to lose your near vision. Multifocals have long evolved and become much more successful than they once were. Wink has the latest in multifocals and is willing to take the time to find the right one for you (we know this can sometimes take 3-4 appointments so our fitting policy is a one-time charge – we don’t charge per trial). Lots of us have been wearing monthly-disposables for years – if this was your cell phone would you keep using the same one for 5 years? There are always new lenses emerging on the market. Why not come visit us at Wink to keep you in the contact lens loop!

NOTE: we will only sell/dispense contact lenses to patients with a valid contact lens prescription.


  • ONE TIME fitting fee (not per trial)
  • Dailies, bi-weeklies, and monthlies
  • spherical, toric (astigmatism), and multifocal correction available
  • cosmetic lenses too!



*NOTE: valid glasses prescription required for contact lens fitting