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Lazy Eye – Amblyopia | Optometry Blog

Lazy eye is the layman’s term for amblyopia which by definition describes the decrease of vision seen in one eye (very uncommon for both eyes to be affected) secondary to ocular development problems that are not fixed at a young age. In other words, the brain never learns to see 20/20 because of a refractive, […]

What is Your Vision Worth? | Optometry Blog

I find that vision is one of the most taken for granted senses that we possess. If it’s good, it’s great, and we don’t bother to do the maintenance until it’s too late. Just like any car, there is a regular maintenance schedule and if you don’t follow it then your car is bound to […]

Ocular Migraines | Optometry Blog

Ocular migraines sound like they might be something painful, but in actuality – they’re not. Migraines can often be quite painful for people who experience them and are most likely the people that also experience ocular migraines as they are commonly a precursor to the actual migraine. However, they can also on their own without […]

Eye Twitching | Optometry Blog

One of the more common questions I receive is about eye twitching. It’s probably happened at least once to all of us. You’re trying to concentrate on something and then all of sudden your eye starts going off and it wasn’t something you were intentionally trying to do. It’ll probably go on for a couple […]

Eye Nutrition | Optometry Blog

What goes into the human body has a huge impact on how well the body performs and functions as a whole. We all know that a healthy diet will lead to longevity and that the more natural the sources of food are, the easier it is on our bodies to process them. Studies are finding […]

Pink Eye | Optometry Blog

Pink eye. The common tongue for what us optometrists call conjunctivitis. There are various types and they’re all treated differently. If you’ve ever gotten it, it can be rather bothersome and sometimes a bit gross (as pus can ooze from your eye – eek!). There’s viral, bacterial, and allergic conjunctivitis. Each of them cause different […]

Why Annual Eye Exams are Important | Optometry Blog

One of the questions I often get is “how often should I get my eyes checked?”. My answer is usually at least every 2 years. That means – at the minimum – not 2+ years. Ideally I always promote annual eye exams for children and seniors (since they’re partially covered by MSP every year whether they […]

Blepharitis&Meibomitis aka Dirty Eyelids | Optometry Blog

Blepharitis. *there won’t be many pictures for this blog as I didn’t want to gross anyone out – only one* One of the most common and under-diagnosed conditions I find seeing patients of all ages. Blepharitis is the “inflammation of the eyelid”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the eyelids themselves are inflamed – only worse […]

Contact Lens Update | Optometry Blog

Probably around 70% of the population that has a correction, wears contact lenses. Majority of contact lens wearers have also switched to daily disposables (which is AWESOME!). From a professional stand point, this is great as daily disposables are thinner, more breathable, and healthier for the eyes. From a personal stand point, I have switched […]

Premium vs. Basic Frames | Optometry Blog

There has long been the debate about why glasses are so expensive and if it’s worth spending the big bucks when you can get glasses for under $100 online – now a days anyways. So what is the difference between a $50 frame, a $200 frame, and $500+ frame? It comes down to who manufactures the frames, where the […]