Our Mission

At Wink Optometry, the goal is to not only have our clients find the perfect frame, but to come out actually knowing what they purchased. A lot of the time, consumers will be pushed into making a purchase they don’t fully understand, but because of fancy lingo and a convincing sales person, they buy things without knowing what it really was. At Wink, it’s all about helping our clients make educated purchases so they know what they’re buying and why they’re spending their money – and of course to make sure the client comes out with a snazzy new look. Everything starts with understanding the eyes and how they function as a whole so our optometrist (Dr. Natasha) will explain what’s going on with patients’ prescriptions and go through preventative measures to ensure that all the eyes that come through Wink will see for many years to come. We hope to become a trusted local Burnaby optometry clinic and provide eye exams and glasses for all ages.

Our Story

Wink Optometry is a young girl’s (Natasha) optimistic dream made reality with the help of her business savvy partner in crime (Dimmy).

Growing up wearing glasses since she was 6, Natasha is very familiar with the “glasses scene” and has seen it change and grow across the years. After graduating with her optometric doctorate degree, she worked with both small boutique opticals and large scale internet moguls in the industry. She found that there was always something missing (something different) in both distinct environments – there was always something she wanted to change but was never able to. Although she often dreamed and wanted to start her own clinic, she wasn’t sure how to go about doing so. Along came Dimmy to the rescue with his operations management degree and told her “we can do this together”. And so Wink Optometry was born!

Natasha and Dimmy are proud to provide a service to Burnaby and the rest of the lower mainland at a convenient location next to the Metrotown skytrain station. In addition to comprehensive eye examinations, Wink will house the latest fashion for eye glasses and technologies for lenses and contact lenses.